What is the Science of Learning?

Traditionally, research devoted to understanding learning has taken place in many different disciplines.  Basic research about the brain mechanisms underlying learning in humans and other species has traditionally taken place in the fields of Neuroscience and Biology; research about how the human mind “computes,” developing and using knowledge, has taken place in Cognitive Science and Psychology; research about how machines (e.g. computers and robots) learn has taken place in Computer Science and other areas of Engineering; and research about how learning occurs in the classroom has taken place in Education.  More recently, scientists and practitioners have recognized that understanding learning in all of its manifestations will require multiple approaches that span these disciplines and more.  The Science of Learning is an approach that recognizes the value and importance of cross-fertilization across traditional fields of study, drawing on many different methods and techniques to understand   how learning occurs— with the ultimate goal of optimizing learning for all.

Below are several resources on the Science of Learning:

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