Science of Learning Institute Parent Page

What you can expect from this page? We will share resources on the science of learning that is relevant to parenting and child development.  Specifically, we will share the following:

  • Commentary and summary of research on how children learn in both formal and informal settings
  • Popular press articles relevant to child development
  • Expert opinions
  • Myth busting about some common brain myths
  • How do we know that?  Posts which explain the method behind some popular psychological science findings

Who we are:  The editors of this page are Dr. Kristin Gagnier and Dr. Kelly Fisher of the Science of Learning Institute (SLI) at Johns Hopkins University.  Kristin is a cognitive scientist and is a mother of 3 girls (7, 5 and 2).  Kelly is a developmental scientist with expertise in child development and learning.  We have a passion for bringing research on learning and child development into practice.  Periodically we will also invite other science of learning experts as guest contributors. The Science of Learning Institute brings together a group of interdisciplinary scientists from a wide range of disciplines including cognitive science, psychological and brain sciences, computer science, electrical engineering, neuroscience, psychiatry, philosophy, public health, and education.  The goal of which is to understanding learning at all levels – from cells in the brain to learning at home and in the classroom.

Have a question about science of learning research related to parenting?  If so, please contact Dr. Kristin Gagnier.

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