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Science of Learning

What is the Science of Learning?

Understanding learning is one of the greatest challenges facing science and society. The science of learning aims to advance fundamental knowledge and theory about learning, and how we optimize learning in society.

Who is investing in the Science of Learning?

A growing number of research institutions, federal agencies, and foundations are investing in understanding the science of learning.

Science of Learning Resources for Educators

A growing body of work explores science of learning research that is relevant to education. This page provides resources related to science of learning and education.

Science of Learning Resources for Parents

Many findings from the science of learning are relevant to how children learn and grow. This page provides resources related to parenting and child development.

What's the Science
Behind That?

Do Video Games Improve Learning?

Richard Mayer, UCSB; Suzanne Bouffard, FABBS

There’s no question that video games are popular – they rack up more than $100 billion in sales every year – but can they improve student learning?

Babies do a lot more than make a mess at the dinner table

Katherine Kinzler, NY Times

New research suggests that even 1-year-old babies understand that people’s food preferences depend on their social or cultural group.

Should students be assigned to grade level based on their age?

The Hub, and JHU’s Institute for Education Policy

Getting students to perform at grade level has been a focus of national education reforms. What does the science tell us about this practice?