Science to Practice

Advancing the Understanding and Utilization of Science of Learning Research

A central mission of the Science of Learning Institute is to advance the understanding and utilization of science of learning research to improve learning.  We believe that this goal can only be realized by building meaningful partnerships between researchers and the broader community members, including parents, educators, practitioners, policymakers, and business leaders.

SLI takes four approaches to bridge science to practice: 

1.  We develop educational seminars and workshops for nonscientific audiences. 

2.  We work with community partners to translate research findings into the development of innovative interventions and practices that may ultimately improve learning. To do so, we a) identify science of learning research relevant to their needs, b) translate science of learning research into evidence-informed practices and programs, and c) evaluate the impact of these efforts on key learning domains and behavior. 

3.  We work with faculty to develop public presentations and dissemination plans for their research grants.

4.  We partner with other organizations to translate science of learning research into meaningful policies.

If your organization would like more information on forming a partnership with us or other consulting services, please contact Dr. Kristin Gagnier.  Please click here to find out more about our current partnerships.