Funding Opportunities

The Institute seeks to create an integrated understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of learning, how learning varies as a function of basic learner characteristics (e.g. over the life span, among the typically developing child, the challenged learner, the gifted student), how these characteristics interact with different environments to produce variation in learning outcomes, and how interactions with intelligent artificial learning systems can enhance and optimize human learning. The Institute's grant and fellowship portfolio will focus broadly on these four areas. The Institute's research and workshop grant competitions are announced in the fall with applications due early in the spring.

2017 Call for Workshop Proposals (Rolling Submissions)

Workshop Proposals

We invite proposals for workshops that will bring together scholars from across different disciplines and different units of the University who, through their collaborations and interactions, will generate novel insights into existing topics and issues or address wholly new questions in the science of learning. The Institute supports workshops focused at all levels of scientific inquiry, from changes at the level of synapses to the nature of cognitive change over the life-span, connections between these and technological innovations, and the implications of these for education and learning in formal and informal settings. The workshop grant program is open to full-time faculty members of JHU. Applications are accepted for review upon submission.