Funded Projects

The following projects have been funded by the Science of Learning Institute.

Research Grants

SLI has funded a series of collaborative research projects that span schools and disciplines across the university. These projects aim to offer new insights into the science of learning.  Click here to see all our funded research grants. 

Workshop Grants

SLI funds workshops that bring together scholars from across different disciplines and different divisions of the university, who through their collaborations and interactions, will generate novel insights into existing topics and issues or address wholly new questions in the science of learning.  Click here to see our funded workshop grants.

Fellowship Funding

SLI has launched the Distinguished Science of Learning Fellowship program to train the next generation of science of learning researchers.  Pre and post-doctoral fellows will conduct interdisciplinary research projects under the mentorship of at least two faculty who use different approaches to learning.  Fellows will also participate in seminars and workshops focusing on how to effectively communicate scientific research findings to the broader community.  Click here to see all our funded fellowship projects.