A Lot to Learn


The Science of Learning Institute discovers we know little about how we learn. The institute’s creation could be regarded as formal recognition of a paradox. Many life forms learn. Some of them learn well. But they do not approach the ability of humans to learn.

Scientific American: A Secret Society of Cells Runs Your Brain


Dr. Dwight Bergles, professor of neuroscience at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, is featured in Scientific American MIND Guest Blog discussing research advances in the study of glial cells and the roles they play in the brain.

Science of Learning Featured in the Arts & Sciences Magazine


The Science of Learning Institute is featured in the Spring 2013 issue of JHU’s “Arts & Sciences” magazine. The article, “Learning Along the Life Span,” explains the Institute’s efforts to foster interdisciplinary research on how the human brain learns from infancy through old age.

Science of Learning Announced as a Signature Initiative of the Campaign


The University announced it’s launch of Rising to the Challenge: The Campaign for Johns Hopkins that will span the next four years to raise an amazing $4.5 billion to attract, sustain, and further empower the people of Johns Hopkins. The launch was accompanied by a letter from President Daniels to the Johns Hopkins community on May 4th outlining the campaign’s goals and its central pillars: advancing discovery and creativity, enriching the student experience, and solving global problems. The Science of Learning Institute is one of the campaign’s signature initiatives for solving global problems.

JHU Gazette Reports on the Science of Learning


In January, the university launched the Science of Learning Institute to better understand the processes and underpinnings of human learning.The institute, believed to be the first of its kind, was forged with the goal of understanding learning at all levels of scientific inquiry, including how the brain changes through learning, how development and aging affect our ability to learn, how neurological and psychiatric diseases disrupt or change learning, and why there are such vast individual differences that naturally occur among learners.

Proposal Submission Open


Proposal submission system now open.

Inaugural Request for Proposals


The Science of Learning Institute seeks to create an integrated understanding of how learning varies as a function of basic learner characteristics (e.g. over the life span, among the typically developing child, the challenged learner, the gifted student), how these characteristics interact with different environments and learning settings to produce variation in learning outcomes, and how interactions with intelligent artificial learning systems can enhance and optimize human learning.

Science Of Learning Institute Launch


We all know Johns Hopkins as a place whose central mission is learning—the acquisition and dissemination of “knowledge for the world.” Today, we announce a signature initiative that focuses on understanding the process of learning itself.