Repaving the Road to Reading


A new Science of Learning Institute partnership will help caregivers support their children's early literacy through research-based museum exhibits and resources.

How Legos and blocks help make your child smarter


SLI researcher looks at spatial skills learned through play

Expertise and perception: How what we know can affect what we see


A new study by SLI researchers suggests that objects—everything from cars, birds, and faces to letters of the alphabet—look significantly different to people familiar with them.

Ability to ignore is a key part of paying attention, Johns Hopkins study finds


People searching for something can find it faster if they know what to look for. But new research funded by SLI suggests knowing what not to look for can be just as helpful.

Johns Hopkins hosts two-day joint symposia


Distinguished scientists and educators gathered at Johns Hopkins University this week to highlight cutting-edge research on human learning, from pioneering neuroscience to novel pedagogical approaches.

Nature Publishing Group to launch a new interdisciplinary Science of Learning Journal


npj Science of Learning is the first journal to bring together the findings of neuroscientists, psychologists, and education researchers to understand how the brain learns. The journal is published in partnership between The University of Queensland and Nature Publishing Group (NPG).

Prominent policy and talent development scholar Jonathan Plucker to join JHU


Jonathan Plucker, will join Johns Hopkins University in January as the inaugural Julian C. Stanley Professor of Talent Development.

SLI Researchers Selected to Co-Direct the New Kavli Neuroscience Discovery Institute


The Kavli Foundation and its university partners announced this morning the founding of three new neuroscience institutes, including one at Johns Hopkins. The new Kavli Neuroscience Discovery Institute at The Johns Hopkins University, expected to launch in early 2016, will bring an interdisciplinary group of researchers together to investigate the workings of the brain.