Why can’t we always stop what we’ve started? SLI neuroscientists have the answer


Stopping planned behavior requires quick choreography among several distinct brain areas, researchers find

Junk food is almost twice as distracting as healthy food, study finds


SLI-funded research underscores people's implicit bias for fatty, sugary foods

SLI Fellow Kara Blacker featured on NPR


A comparison of the two most common training methods scientists use to improve memory and attention found that one was twice as effective as the other. The more effective method also changed brain activity in a part of the brain involved in high-level thinking.

This training exercise boosts brain power, SLI researchers say


Results suggest it's possible to train the brain like other body parts, with targeted workouts

Philipp Koehn to lead team of scientists to build machine translation system for obscure languages


JHU computer scientists receives $10.7M grant from Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Unlocking the Mysteries of How We Learn — So We Can Adapt When Things Go Wrong


Rising to the Challenge recently highlights Michael McCloskey, one of SLI's seed grant recipients.

SLI supports six projects that aim to further our understanding of how humans learn


The Science of Learning Institute at Johns Hopkins University will support six new interdisciplinary projects with two-year seed grants.

SLI’s Director, Barbara Landau, recognized for contributions to science of psychology


Johns Hopkins cognitive scientist Barbara Landau has won a 2018 William James Fellow Award from the Association for Psychological Science, an honor that recognizes individuals for their "lifetime of significant intellectual contributions to the basic science of psychology."

The 74 Million Highlights SLI’s Translational Science Partnership


A recent piece by the news outlet, The 74 Million, highlights SLI's translational science partnership with the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School.