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Monday, January 13, 2014 - Tuesday, January 14, 2014
at 8am–6pm


Homewood Campus

The Inaugural Science of Learning Institute Symposium and 3rd Annual Gateway Sciences Initiative Excellence in Teaching and Learning in the Sciences Symposium will be held January 13-14, 2016.  Distinguished scientists and practitioners will highlight cutting-edge research on learning (including approaches from neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, computer science, engineering, and education) and pioneering pedagogical innovations.  

Science of Learning Symposium Videos:  Click here to view the Day 1 presentations.

Program:  See below for a list of speakers and click here to view our program.

Day 1: Science of Learning Symposium January 13, 2014

  • Margaret Livingstone - Professor of Neurobiology, Harvard University 
  • Michael McCloskey, Professor of Cognitive Science, Johns Hopkins University 
  • Takao Hensch, Professor of Molecular & Cellular Biology & Neurology, Harvard University
  • James Knierim, Professor of Neuroscience and Mind/Brain Institute, Johns Hopkins University 
  • Luca Bonatti, ICREA Research Professor of Information and Communication Technologies, Center for Brain and Cognition, Universitat Pompeu Fabra 
  • Lisa Feigenson, Associate Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Johns Hopkins University
  • Sharon Goldwater, SICSA Reader in the Institute for Language, Cognition, & Computation, University of Edinburgh 
  • Gregory Hager, Chair and Professor of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University

Day 2: Gateway Sciences Initiative Excellence in Teaching and Learning in the Sciences Symposium January 12, 2016

  • Sian Beilock, Professor of Psychology, University of Chicago
  • Sarah-Jane Leslie, Professor of Philosophy & Psychology, Princeton University
  • Linda Gorman, Director of Undergraduate Studies & Teaching Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Johns Hopkins University 
  • Gina Frey, Florence Moog Professor of STEM Education; Associate Professor of Chemistry; Executive Director of The Teaching Center; and Co-Director of Center for Integrative Research on Cognition, Learning, and Education, Washington University of St. Louis 
  • Hal Pashler, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, University of California, San DiegoMartha Zaslow 
  • Martha Zaslow, Director of the Office for Policy and Communications, Society for Research in Child Development; Senior Scholar, Child Trends