Dr. Patricia Janak

What Teachers Need To Know About The Science Of Learning—And What They Don’t

Flamingos, elephants, and sharks: How do blind adults learn about animal appearance?

Kelly Fisher CV

Say What? SRCD 2019

IES Focus Groups Usability and Feasibility Diagram Examples

SLI-funded scientists ask what animal brains have in common with a swarm of robots?

Dr. Christopher Morphew

Science of Learning Institute Fellowship Showcase

Dr. Burcu Unlutabak

Barbara Landau, elected to the National Academy of Sciences

SLI Fellow Gives Patterson High School Students a Sneak Peek at College-level Science

The dastardly, distracting power of — donuts?

2018 Biennial Science of Learning Symposium Presentations

SLI Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Science of Learning symposium brings together experts from diverse fields

Science of Learning Symposium Webcast Information

Brain cap gives SLI scientists a better look at brain behavior

Why can’t we always stop what we’ve started? SLI neuroscientists have the answer

Fractions: Where It All Goes Wrong

Dr. Gail Geller

SLI Success Stories Belgian Beer Event

SLI-funded high-tech training tool projects skeletons

Junk food is almost twice as distracting as healthy food, study finds

In Memory Training Smackdown, One Method Dominates

SLI Fellow Kara Blacker featured on NPR

This training exercise boosts brain power, SLI researchers say

Philipp Koehn to lead team of scientists to build machine translation system for obscure languages

Unlocking the Mysteries of How We Learn — So We Can Adapt When Things Go Wrong

3rd Biennial Science of Learning Symposium: Minding the Gaps Among Levels of Explanation

SLI supports six projects that aim to further our understanding of how humans learn

Dr. Neale Kinnear

SLI’s Director, Barbara Landau, recognized for contributions to science of psychology

The 74 Million Highlights SLI’s Translational Science Partnership

How ‘rational’ is the learning process?

Do novice and experienced teen drivers show neurophysiological differences to driving hazards?

Can technology enable effective and efficient learning of surgical technical skills?

Dr. Sridevi Sarma

How is learning motivated?

How can we characterize individual differences in learning behaviors as a function of motivation?

Does the brain learn to increase blood flow to regions where neural activity is anticipated?

Dr. Chaz Firestone

Dr. Mikhail Pletnikov

Dr. David Linden

Dr. Gerald Nestadt

Dr. Swaroop Vedula

Dr. Linda Tsantis

Dr. Gina Adrales

Dr. Christina Harnett

Dr. Bethany Sacks

Dr. Anand Malpani

Dr. Karen Seymour

Dr. Johnathon Ehsani

Teachers get up-close view of what research about learning looks like

Prince George’s County Public Schools

SLI’s Pilot Program Will Test Novel Approach to Teaching Science

SLI Seeking Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Kelly Fisher and Kristin Gagnier awarded Institute of Education Sciences Grant

SLI’s Susan Courtney named vice provost for faculty affairs

SLI to Host 150 K-12 Educators for a “Science in Action” Day

Gender Stereotypes About Coding Ability Start as Young as 1st Grade, Study Finds

SLI team takes interdisciplinary approach to characterize children’s block building skill

Pre-K: Decades Worth Of Studies, One Strong Message

Fending Off Math Anxiety

Getting Beyond A Blind Date With Science

SLI highlights translational science at SRCD 2017

SLI and the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning host a faculty development workshop

New studies show the cost of student laptop use in lecture classes

You Probably Believe Some Learning Myths: Take Our Quiz To Find Out

Educational Technology Is Not Making the Grade

SLI hosts workshop at AAAS on communicating science to public audiences

Study shows how some adults with autism compensate for childhood language challenges

Science of Learning Institute Fellowship Showcase

Dr. Steven Holochwost

Ever wonder why we sleep? New research suggests that the brain’s connections shrink during sleep

SLI partners with Baltimore City School’s Office of Early Learning on Teacher Training

SLI’s Amy Shelton speaks on WYPR’s On the Record about the Baltimore Emerging Scholars Program

Has educational neuroscience actually had an impact on education so far?

SLI Researcher Receives 2017 Presidential Early Career Award

Why Kids Take On Adults’ Math Anxiety

Debunking the Left-Brain/Right-Brain Myth

Even Small Distractions Derail Productivity

SLI researchers want to use big data to chart the brain

Science of Learning Institute Experts Visit Nanyang Technological University in Singapore

Can Toddlers Learn From Video Chat?

Dr. Christopher Myers

Sleep makes relearning faster and longer-lasting

NSF Announces Science of Learning Program

Dr. Alan Yuille

Dr. Michael Wolmetz

Do “Brain-Training” Programs Work?

Can the way you praise your child influence how resilient they are when faced with challenges?

Radiologists detect breast cancer in ‘blink of an eye’

SLI Belgian Beer Event on the Research to Market Pipeline

Do Video Games Improve Learning?

Babies do a lot more than make a mess at the dinner table

Should students be assigned to grade level based on their age?

Amanda Therrien

Dr. Vikram Chib

Can we use reinforcement motor learning to improve specific symptoms of cerebellar ataxia?

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Science of Learning Institute Fellowship Showcase (Past)

Open to JHU Faculty/Staff, Open to Students


Time: May 21, 2018
Join us as our fellows share their efforts to advance the science of learning through interdisciplinary research and dissemination to the public.

3rd Biennial Science of Learning Symposium: Minding the Gaps Among Levels of Explanation (Past)

Time: January 22, 2018
Distinguished scientists will highlight complementary and contrasting perspectives on the neural and cognitive bases of learning and motivation, and...

SLI Success Stories Belgian Beer Event (Past)

Open to JHU Faculty/Staff, Open to Students


Malone Hall

Time: November 30, 2017
Join us as we approach our 5th anniversary and share success stories