Vision & Mission


We aspire to become a preeminent leader in the science of learning community operating at the nexus of innovative research, practice, and policy. The Institute will support the creation of high-quality research that will solve critical lifelong learning issues of the 21st century. It will also be the catalyst that optimizes learning in our community and beyond, whether learning takes place in the playground, a school setting, a rehabilitation program, or job training. 


The Science of Learning Institute seeks to understand and optimize the most essential part of our human capital: the ability to learn. The Institute supports interdisciplinary research that will generate scientific discoveries and build meaningful connections between research, practice, and policy.

Goal 1:  Supporting Cutting-Edge Science of Learning Research.  Our grant programs support faculty who will generate new scientific discoveries about lifelong learning through interdisciplinary collaborations spanning basic and applied sciences.  

Goal 2:  Training Future Leaders in the Science of Learning.  We train early career scientists to think broadly about learning, to generate innovative perspectives and research on how we learn, and to build meaningful connections between research, practice, and policy. 

Goal 3:  Connecting Science to Practice.  We collaborate with educators, practitioners, and policymakers to advance the understanding of science of learning research and translate research into meaningful, evidence-based practices, programs, and policies.

To learn more about our work and accomplishments, please see our 5-year anniversary book, Unpacking the "Black Box".