Our Experts

The Science of Learning Institute includes a broad network of scientists, practitioners, and educators with expertise spanning basic and applied sciences.


Dr. Richard Edden

Associate Professor, Department of Radiology
School of Medicine

I am interested in both the development of new magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) methods and the application of existing methods to investigate the brain.

Dr. Howard Egeth

Professor, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

I am interested in the factors that determine the focus of visual attention, visual capture and attentional selectivity.

Dr. Johnathon Ehsani

Assistant Professor, Leon S. Robertson Faculty Development Chair in Injury Prevention
Bloomberg School of Public Health

I study how adolescents learn to drive, and how to improve this process using an evidence-based approach.

Dr. Jason Eisner

Professor, Department of Computer Science
Whiting School of Engineering

I am interested in natural language processing and how we can appropriately formalize linguistic structure and discover it automatically.

Dr. Joshua Ewen

Director, Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory, Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology, School of Medicine 
School of Medicine

I am interested in the use of neurophysiological techniques to study neurological conditions that affect children and adults.