Dr. Burcu Unlutabak

SLI Title

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow


Dr. Burcu Unlutabak is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at The Science of Learning Institute and the Department of Cognitive Science at Johns Hopkins University. Burcu works with an interdisciplinary research team to develop and evaluate a novel spatially-enhanced 3rd grade science curriculum and teacher supports.  This project is a 4-year collaborative partnership between cognitive scientists, developmental scientists, and educators to advance evidence-based STEM educational student and teacher practices through a new curriculum and professional development. 

Burcu’s research focuses on the language and communicative development of young children in relation to their social and cognitive abilities. She is very much interested in how children learn from more knowledgeable others around them  (i.e., parents, teachers) and the role of family and cultural factors in children’s social and cognitive development. She deeply cares about identifying ways that parents and other educators can support children’s learning and development during preschool years and beyond.  

Burcu received her masters in Developmental Psychology from Bogazici University (Istanbul, Turkey) and Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Lehigh University. During the course of her graduate studies, she gained experience by working in research projects investigating children’s language and communicative development, narrative skills, their understanding of other people’s mental world (i.e. theory of mind), and their learning from more knowledgeable others through social and conversational exchanges.