Dr. Vikram Chib

SLI Title

Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering


Movement is our most fundamental means for acting on our desires. While performing tasks as varied as reaching for a cup of coffee to opening our mouth in conversation, our motor actions allow us to achieve our goals. In every situation the brain serves as the ultimate controller, integrating sensory information with our desired outcome in order to generate an appropriate behavior. I believe that understanding how motivational cues drive our motor actions is crucial for understanding neurobiological control. I have targeted this approach in my research using a unique interdisciplinary perspective that combines approaches from robotics with the fields of neuroscience and economics. My goals are to understand how the nervous system organizes the control of movement, and how resulting rewards — both internal and external — motivate our behaviors. Additionally, my current and future research will apply this knowledge to the design of economic incentive mechanisms for improving worker performance and the development of treatments that reduce neurological and psychological impairments.

Affiliated Research