Dr. Swaroop Vedula

SLI Title

Assistant Research Professor


I am a medical doctor with postdoctoral training/experience in surgery, epidemiology, clinical trials, evidence-based medicine, and computer science. My research involves development and translation of techniques based upon machine learning and surgical data science to advance surgical training and improve patient care. In addition, my methodological research interests are focused upon fair comparisons to estimate effects of surgical interventions, and intraoperative factors predictive of patient outcomes.

Examples of current projects include:

  • Objective assessment of surgical technical skill and competency in the operating room for nasal septoplasty;
  • Objective assessment of technical skill for capsulorhexis and in robotic surgical training curricula;
  • Robot-assisted active learning of technical skill;
  • Augmented technology to support automated coaching for surgical technical skill;
  • Automated surgical coaching for incisional hernia repair;
  • Effect of pre-operative warm up on intraoperative robotic surgical performance.

Affiliated Research