Dr. Nancy Madden

SLI Title

Professor, School of Education; President and Co-Founder, Sucess for All


Dr. Madden is President and co-founder of the Success for All Foundation which develops, researches, and disseminates educational programs to increase achievement, particularly for disadvantaged students. She is a professor at the Center for Research and Reform in Education at the School of Education at Johns Hopkins University and at the University of York Institute for Effective Education.

Dr. Madden graduated from Reed College in 1973, and received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from American University in 1980. From 1980-1998, she was a research scientist at the Center for Research on the Education of Students Placed at Risk at Johns Hopkins University, where she directed the development of the reading, writing, language arts, and mathematics elements of Success for All, a comprehensive school reform program.

An expert in literacy and instruction, Dr. Madden is the author or co-author of many articles and books on cooperative learning, mainstreaming, and education of disadvantaged students, including Effective Programs for Students at Risk (Allyn & Bacon, 1989) and Two Million Children: Success for All (Corwin, 2009). Current research interests include practices to increase social-emotional learning and use of interactive whiteboard technology and electronic response devices to increase student success.

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