Dr. Kristin Gagnier

SLI Title

Assistant Director of Dissemination, Translation, and Education


Dr. Kristin Gagnier is the Assistant Director of Dissemination, Translation, and Education at the Science of Learning Institute and Assistant Research Scientist in the Department of Cognitive Science at Johns Hopkins University.  Kristin oversees the institute’s mission of connecting science to practice.  She partners with schools, museums, government organizations, and policymakers to advance research and translate science of learning research into evidence-informed practices.

Kristin’s work is based on her interdisciplinary training in connecting cognitive science research to educational practice and draws on the disciplines of cognitive science, psychology, and education.  As a postdoctoral research fellow at the Spatial Intelligence Learning Center, she developed an interdisciplinary research program aimed at understanding the cognitive challenges faced by students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) learning and developing research-informed interventions to support learning.  Kristin’s work is motivated by her passion for improving learning outcomes by connecting research to practice and practice to research.   Click here for more information on Kristin's research.