Dr. Jaqueline Nunn

SLI Title

Associate Dean, Technology Columbia Center, School of Education


After joining the Center for Technology in Education (CTE) as acting director in 1990, Dr. Nunn immediately began to steer the center toward its focus on the development of research-based, technology-supported instructional strategies for K-12 classrooms. She has served as Principal Investigator for all of CTE’s hallmark grants and contracts, including two Technology Innovation Challenge Grants (TICG), the Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to Use Technology (PT3) grant, and the federal grant that supported the CTE in testing and establishing the efficacy of the Boundless Learning instructional delivery system. Dr. Nunn’s professional and research interests continue to drive CTE’s work in developing, researching, and disseminating evidence-based research practices that transform instruction to ensure that all students, especially those with disabilities, are afforded the best possible educational opportunities. Dr. Nunn has served Baltimore’s education community through participation in the many committees to which she has been appointed, including the Maryland Task Force on Inclusive Education, the Maryland Committee on Technology in Education, and the Blue Ribbon Technology Committee of the Maryland Business Roundtable. Before joining CTE, Dr. Nunn was an educational consultant for IBM. Dr. Nunn began her career as a classroom teacher and school psychologist, and then served as a school principal and central office administrator in Fairfax County, Virginia for 14 years.