Dr. Brian Caffo

SLI Title

Professor, Center for Global Health and Department of Biostatistics


I am a professor at the Department of Biostatistics at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University. Please visit the SMART web page where I put most content. The SMART (Statistical Methods and Applications for Research in Technology) is a working group here at Hopkins Biostatistics founded by myself and Ciprian Crainiceanu. The group has faculty and students from around the world working in biological signal analysis focusing on statistical methods development and applications. The group specializes in medical and especially neurological imaging and biosignals such as polysomnography and wearable computing.  

A second interest of mine is large scale open access education. Currently we have a large and active Coursera presence, but have large designs for the future. Here is a current list of my online teaching activities.

A third interest of mine is in directing the graduate program at JHU Biostatistics. For information on applying see here.

Affiliated Research