Our Experts

The Science of Learning Institute includes a broad network of scientists, practitioners, and educators with expertise spanning basic and applied sciences.

Dr. Argye Hillis

Director, Cerebrovascular Division of Neurology and Professor of Neurology
School of Medicine

I am interested in how language and other cognitive functions recover after stroke. My work specifically examines treatments for disorders such as aphasia and hemispatial neglect

Dr. Steven Holochwost

Research Scientist

I am interested in the effects of environment, and particularly poverty and parenting, on voluntary forms of self-regulation (e.g., executive functions) and the involuntary activity of neurophysiological systems that support self-regulatory abilities.

Dr. Richard Huganir

Professor and Director, Department of Neuroscience; Co-Director, Brain Science Institute
School of Medicine

I am interested in the regulation of neurotransmitter receptors and brain function in health and disease.

Dr. Marshall Hussain Shuler

Assistant Professor, Department of Neuroscience
School of Medicine

The goal of my laboratory is to understand how neural circuits learn to produce responses to environmental cues that increase the fitness of the animal, and how disruption of this process contributes to cognitive disease.

Dr. Patricia Janak

Professor, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, School of Medicine

I am interested in behavioral and neural mechanisms of associative learning.

Dr. Bruno Jedynak

Associate Research Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics; Center for Imaging Science
Whiting School of Engineering

I am interested in statistical modeling and computer vision.

Dr. Lieny Jeon

Assistant Professor
School of Education

I am interested in the environmental factors that impact children’s lives.

Dr. Sara Johnson

Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Department of Population, Family, and Reproductive Health
Bloomberg School of Public Health, School of Medicine

I am interested in understanding how social experiences (e.g., poverty, family relationships, neighborhood characteristics, life events) shape the biology of child development.

Dr. Jin Kang

Jacob Suter Jammer Professor & Chair, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Whiting School of Engineering

I am interested in fiber optic devices and biophotonics for applications in medicine and sensing.

Dr. Sanjeev Khudanpur

Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Whiting School of Engineering

I am interested in the application of information theoretic methods to human language technologies such as automatic speech recognition, machine translation and natural language processing.